When Only The Best Watch Brands Will Do

There are some moments in life that stand the test of time. A wedding, a baby, and the very first time one invests in a wrist watch. OK, so maybe not all timepieces compare with the first two, but there is no doubt, that the very best quality watches are a valuable piece made to last (perhaps longer than a marriage?)

But when the time comes to choosing a wristwatch, how does one choose? What are the watch brands of note and who makes the best selling watch? That is where The Best Watch Brands steps in!

Both mens watches and women’s watches are an entity unto themselves. Now obviously, cheap watches are on every corner of the street, and can be picked up for a few dollars, however the best watch brands, true high end ladies and mens luxury watches, have an air of intrigue. They have the ability to start a conversation and the most expensive watches are a true investment and often become a family heirloom.

Invicta watches, Citizen watches, Bulova watches, DKNY watches, Cartier watches and even Casio watches are all well known, and offer a range of some of the best mens watches and watches for women – but what sets them apart from some of the lesser known manufacturer of swiss watches? And why is a swiss watch so popular? Is it really better?

Are Swiss Watches the Best of the Best?

Swiss watch makers are renowned world over for the quality of their pieces. Rolex are certainly the brand that is most well known, however they are not the only superior watch maker! Swiss watch makers create pieces of art, many made entirely by hand. And that is what sets the best watch brands apart.

There is no doubt that purchasing a quality wrist watch is a complicated exercise. The ins and outs of finding the best mens watches and ladies watches can be complicated, and even perhaps confusing to a first timer. But that is why The Best Watch Brands is here – to make the search easier for you and help you navigate the crazy maze of watches for sale on the internet, in order to find the very best watch you can.

Whether you are looking for cool watches, digital watches, sports watches, diamond watches, mens gold watches or you simply want a good leather watch – The Best Watch Brands will have the info you’re looking for.

How Can The Best Watch Brands Help?

We have articles on all the best watch brands and all styles of watches. Looking for a waterproof watch – check out our articles on Dive Watches for Men and Dive Watches for Women. Are you after Mens luxury watches? Our Luxury Watches Guide might just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

However you have found us, we have the info you need. Our guides will help you with your all important decision, and point you in the right direction. We are not a watch store, but we will help you find your dream watch online!

Men’s Watches

Looking for men’s watches – we have a whole section for Men devoted to nice watches for men. Check out the best mens watch brands across the globe. Whether you prefer vintage watches, gold watches, dive watches or sports watches for men are more your style, The Best Watch Brands is your go to tool as you hunt for the best watches for men!

Women’s Watches

And ladies, we haven’t forgotten you. Our Women’s Watches section is just for you! The perfect women’s watches are a piece of art in their own right. Watches for women are not merely a smaller version of mens watches, but a masterpiece that combines functionality, fashion and workmanship. The very best women’s designer watches are produced by the best watch brands, and these brands are committed to creating the perfect women’s watches. Our section just for womens watches will no doubt answer questions that you may have.

Luxury or Budget Watches?

Perhaps you are just dreaming of the most expensive watch in the world! Is it an automatic watch? A ladies watch, a mechancal watch, or a quartz watch? Click here to find out! Or, if like so many you are on a budget, check out our posts on The Best Watches under $500 for Men and The Best Watches under $500 for Women, that are proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to own a quality designer watch.

Ultimately, the purchase of timepieces is a very personal decision. Whether it is a watch from Baselworld, a fine watch from Tag Watches, or a stunning Rolex, the best watch brands in the world pour there blood, sweat and tears into creating incredible, handcrafted, superior pieces and each brand has it’s own distinct reputation, look and feel. And today, the humble watch is now a true fashion statement too. According to well known expert Robin Swithinbank Many says “high-end fashion brands with watchmaking divisions have placed great emphasis on finding iconic models”. Which means more brands, more designs, and more complexity in the decision making process.